Updated Demo Reel is online

My 2014 demo reel.

Site Still Under Construction…But It’s getting There

SHOTonRED_Small_transparentThank you for checking out my website. I’m still in the process of getting everything online, so please bear with me as I figure out this new design. As always feedback is welcome. I’m hoping to post new tutorials, reviews and other film making related thoughts soon.

In other news my Scarlet has passed quality control and I’m being moved forward with my new Red Epic trade-in purchase. My hope is to upgrade to the Red Dragon later in the year, once more Epic’s have been upgraded. It’s always risky being first in line for any new electronic.

Being an owner/operator, you always see that one more thing to upgrade your kit and it’s like a never ending battle. Do you upgrade this or that, which will help you and which will rent, will it still be a big deal in a year, will it pay itself off? Some purchases can change your career path, some just save your back. Red has changed my career and my life in some amazing ways opening a lot of doors, and I feel very excited to move to their next tier of camera.

Red Epic

Red Epic

Gone is the day of the cinematographer who rents a camera for every shoot.  Today with the lowering cost of admission into film making, directors and producers are looking more and more into what you own as a shooter just as much as your resume and reel.  This isn’t just the small youtube jobs either, but budgets up to half a million.

With Red I really feel like I can provide a quality image fit for the cinema that’s both affordable to myself and the production.

Mobile Updates

Testing how this works adding a post from an iPad.


I finally got around to making my new website.  I’m hoping to use this new layout to easily update on a more constant basis.

Along with a new website I’ve upgraded my Red Scarlet to an Epic.


It’s been good times buddy but now it’s time to move on to something a little more Epic…