Demo Reel

Equipment List

Red Epic-X Camera Package

$800 /Day

Comes with the following

  • PL mount, Canon Mount, or OCT-19 Mount
  • 2 x 64GB Redmags
  • Mini Red Station card reader
  • 5" Touch LCD
  • Redmote
  • 3 x GMP v-mount batterys
  • 2-Channel battery charger
  • AC adaptor
  • Wooden Camera Top Cheese Plate
  • Wooden Camera Cheese Plate Handle
  • 4x4 Chroziel Matte box
  • 4x4 filters: ND.3, ND.6, ND.9, ND1.2, IRND 1.8, POLA, BPM 1/4
  • 8" Dovetail
  • Libec fluid head tripod system
  • 100mm High Hat

Lomo Lenses

$150 /Day

USSR manufactured cinema lens kit

Lomo lenses are known for their beautiful and unique look. They match well with Ziess Standard Speeds and Super Speeds. Lomo's are built with an OCT-19 mount, which is very similar to a PL mount. These lenses are great for narratives, music videos, and anything that should have a look all it's own.

  • 18mm f/3.2
  • 22mm f/3.2
  • 35mm f/2.2
  • 50mm f/2.2
  • 75mm f/2.1
  • 100mm f3

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